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Ho! Ho! Ho! Christmas Cards have arrived! Winter Goddess and Robin Yuletide Blessings Cardsj

Hi everyone, this Autumn I was really inspired to create The Winter Goddess and Robin Yuletide cards. Bringing in the rich colours of the season.

She is a winter Goddess of the forest, surrounded by animals, birds and beautiful Mother Nature bringing in love, kindness, hope and blessings to the world.

For me Yuletide is a time where we all come together as a family and celebrate; enjoying being in each others company during this beautiful time of the year.

I am also aware that some people are not with their family at this time and the giving of a card is a lovely reminder of how much we are loved and cared for. If you wish to give someone special one of these unique yuletide cards contact me at or order them at

(these stunning cards are printed from my original artwork and are £2.75 each which includes first class postage to a UK address or 3 for £7.00 including postage to a UK address)

I hope these cards bring a smile to your face at this special time of the year. If you wish to pop and see me personally, I will be posting a blog on the Christmas events that I shall be exhibiting at soon.

Best wishes and Blessings Laney at Feather Blessings Art

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